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Hmmm...where to start. *Free Icon/Emote* Pusheen (...I Wuv It!) ...
    I guess I would have to say it all started when my friend's older brother, Kei, saw a few of my drawings and photographs that I took. Since I was a kid, I was very shy and didn't like too much attention to myself. The only person I was ever really comfortable showing was him and rarely a few family members. I didn't really think I would ever be able to share my random doodles or photographs anywhere until he made me a deviantart profile and posted some of my stuff here. At first, I was nervous and skeptical about having one and was about to delete my profile but the more I went on devaintart, the more I wanted to stay. There were so many amazing photos, drawings, animation, stories and flashes that it was hard to stop exploring and see what was new each day. I then thought...if other people are brave enough to put there own work out, why couldn't I?  So little by little I tried to post some sort of doodle or pic out here so I can be more confident and not be afraid to post what I like to do, doodle and take pictures.

This was the 1st pic Kei posted on the here on deviantart...and i'm always thankful for it.
Let it Set... by yuffieHeart

This was the first picture I posted here. I hoped that maybe it would help me be more confident in posting and would help me get over my worries . I felt like this pic was a awesome shot and I was glad I went out that day even though it rained so hard an hour before.
By The Sea by yuffieHeart

I soon started to post my doodles that I drew out of the randomness of the time. I loved this pic because I had so much fun doodling this pic before taking a big test, it really helped me calm my nerves.
PLAY TIME!! by yuffieHeart

The pics I post have so many memories that I alone know. Like for this pic...I made this valentine in hopes I could at least say the embarrassing question to the person I wanted to tell it to without him knowing it was really for him. The thing that made this pic so special was that when I showed him this, he literally got a piece of paper and drew a two boxes that had either a yes or no on each side. He then checked the box yes and gave it to me with a smile and told me:
        "Tell Will, if she doesn't get a valentine, that she all she has to do is call me and I'll be there."
Valentine by yuffieHeart

Like the title states, this was just a lucky shot I took on my way home. I loved the colors that were in the sky and was super happy I took it. This was also the day, Kei moved away for university states away. Even though we'll be apart for a while, this makes me remember our promise that I would send him a pic once a month of anything and he would do the same.  I really do hope to see my big bro soon.
Lucky Shot Home by yuffieHeart

    So I'm thankful for devaintART and the awesome opportunity to post the pics and drawings that could be shared  to others. Happy Birthday devaintArt wishing you more years to come. ^^
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United States
Hellos! meh name is Yuffie. I'll be here on devianart working on my photography maybe and post random doodles. I'll most likely be a spectator here so Sorry! I'll mostly be doin blogs and random questions I guess...not promising. If anyone wants to be my sensei in drawing i would be so open to it!! Hahaha wow I'm weird. Well back to sleeping my days away. Oh and if you need any suggestions in romance mangas...I'm yo gal. So yups, Byees~ <3

THE ID pic was made by the amazingly talented mmidori13 [ ]do check her out!~

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